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Sorption Global Technologies is an environmental technology company deeply committed to developing effective, efficient, and eco-friendly oil spill clean-up products. Our unwavering dedication to improving the clean-up process without releasing chemical toxins or other hazardous waste is a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability. We produce high-quality products for inland and coastal spill recovery and clean-up activities.


Our mission is to manufacture and distribute eco-friendly, non-toxic products that clean up oil spills sustainably. We are deeply committed to this mission, understanding that it is not just about cleaning up oil spills, but also about protecting nature and marine life.


We believe in offering high-quality, non-toxic, effective, and environmentally friendly products while maintaining eco-sustainability. Our vision is not just to become a leader in high-tech product development in Canada and globally, but to be a beacon of inspiration for others. We aspire to be globally recognized for our pioneering work in developing sustainable and eco-friendly technologies for large-scale environmental problems, leading the way toward a more sustainable future.



Oil Leakage

100 million barrels of oil leaked
Affected 180,000 km² of ocean
Less than 10% of the leaked oil was recovered


Deepwater Horizon

Primary cleanup method:
“in-situ burning”
(adverse environmental effects)


Oil Spills on Marine Life

Seabirds are harmed and killed in greater numbers than other creatures
during most oil spills


SGT will develop a highly efficient and non-toxic product, Exfoliated Graphite (EG). EG will be developed in powder form. Our product is free from all kinds of pollution and toxicity for marine life. Our unique selling proposition is that our products have very high sorption rates compared to larger sponges available in the market.

Physical absorption is the most economical and efficient choice due to:



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Our Team

Tayebeh Faraji Fard

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Tayebeh Faraji Fard is a well-rounded professional with 16 years of experience in Foreign Trade. She has worked as a Foreign Trade Officer and Director. As Chief Executive Officer of Sorption Global Technologies, Mrs. Fard will utilize her prior experience to achieve both short and long-term company objectives and capitalize on any new business opportunities. Her extensive leadership skills ensure the success of SGT in the Canadian market.

Nasrollah Tayyarei

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Nasrollah Tayyarei is a well-established and dynamic leader with over 20 years in the industry. He has worked as a Planning and Execution Supervisor, Senior Project Manager, Deputy CEO, Project Manager, and Factory Manager. His varied experience gives him extensive knowledge of operations and project management. As Chief Operating Officer of Sorption Global Technologies, Mr. Tayyarei will serve as a culture builder and transformative leader of SGT. He will drive the company’s operating capabilities to surpass customer satisfaction, retention, and company goals.

Farzad Hassanpour

Chief Business Development Officer

Mr. Farzad Hassanpour is a customer-oriented General Manager with over 13 years of experience focused on increasing production and sales. He has worked as a Salesperson, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, and General Manager. As Chief Business Development Officer of Sorption Global Technologies, Mr. Hassanpour’s proven ability to consistently maintain keen insights to evaluate opportunities, assess risks, and deliver innovative new solutions to challenges will ensure that SGT continues to expand and surpass its short and long-term KPIs in the Canadian market.

Mehrdad Sadri

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Mehrdad Sadri is a proven leader with over 24 years of experience in senior management and leadership positions. He has worked as a CEO, Vice-Chairman, Chairman, and Process Manager. As Chief Technology Officer of Sorption Global Technologies, Mr. Sadri’s experience holding senior managerial positions in various organizations has given him extensive knowledge of technology and people management, making him a valuable asset for SGT and ensuring its technological edge in the Canadian market.

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